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Typical Causes of Fires in Residential Homes

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House fires can immensely be destructive, leaving most of the families who experience this with little to nothing at all. Because of that, it’s really important to do all you can to stop such disasters from taking place. The first step is to know where residential fires come from and learn how to avoid them. Here are some of the major causes of fire breakouts in homes that all of us should be aware of. 

Curious kids 

Kids are naturally curious individuals and their curiosity must be encouraged. However, they must be cautioned to keep away from any form of fires. Lighters and matches must be kept out of your children’s reach. Moreover, guarantee that there are smoke alarms in each room of your home, such as the bedrooms of your kids. Ultimately, guarantee that all of your children already learned how to stop, drop, and roll in case of emergencies.  


Candles both smell and look pretty. However, it can be a great hazard especially if you leave it unattended as they can simply make a room be eaten by a flame. Hence, guarantee that your candles are kept far from any flammable items you have like books and tissue boxes. Even if candles smell great, they should never be left lit especially if you decide to sleep already. Moreover, guarantee to blow out all of your candles before you leave a room. 

Electrical equipment issues 

It’s essential to guarantee that all of your electrical appliances and tools are up to code. Other reasons why electrical issues take place is because of overloaded power points, frayed wires, and faulty cords. Circuit breakers are used for a reason and when they keep tripping, it’s essential to know why. When you overuse your electricity consumption, this can result in extreme fires. Hence, make sure to have all of your power points and appliances inspected by a reputable electrical company to guarantee that they are still functional and in good working condition.  

Heating equipment 

Portable heaters must at least stay 1 meter far from anything that potentially catches fire. This includes clothes, furniture, laundry, and curtains. Moreover, even those individuals sleeping beside heaters to keep warm must guarantee that they are at least 1 meter far from it. Though it sure feels great to sit close to portable space heaters every night, people can potentially risk themselves of catching fire while they are sleeping without realizing the hazard that it brings.  

Cooking equipment 

Pans and pots are among the cooking equipment that mostly results in house fires. Once they overheat, they can easily and quickly cause a fire. Because of this, it’s really essential for everyone who cooks to prevent leaving cooking tools unattended. If you want to leave while cooking, make sure to just switch off the burners or ask someone to look out for the food. If not, a house fire can instantly occur.  

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Tips to Maintain Your Outdoor Electrical System During Fall

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The last thing you want to deal with when the winter arrives is to find out that your hot tub does not heat up or your outdoor light is freezing. Fixing such problems can really be challenging especially if the freezing temperature sets in. Hence, before the cold wind blows, guarantee that all of your electrical fixtures outdoors are inspected and repaired if necessary. Think about the following tips to keep up your outdoor electrical systems this fall season.  

Check your exterior spas and hot tubs 

Similar to your exterior lights, your exterior spas and hot tubs can get frozen once their electrical components fail, particularly when the climate and temperature drastically drops. Inspecting and fixing their electrical circuits as soon as autumn can prevent equipment failure. Moreover, you can guarantee that you can have a greater water heating process all over the winter season.  

Inspect your outdoor space heater 

Your exterior space heater can get a great amount of electricity. Moreover, some old electrical circuits may not be qualified for this type of use. When you’re using a portable space heater, you need to guarantee that its electrical circuits and outlet are properly sized and qualified/rated for the load. Never utilize the unit on extension cords, two-prong adapters, or plug strips. Contact your local electrical contractor and consult with them to have professional recommendations.  

Secure your light outdoor 

A lot of business owners and property owners usually neglect their lighting assuming that they are still in good condition as they emit light. But, outdoor lights like building lights, signage lights, and pole lights are actually susceptible to get damaged because of their location. Apart from the expensive service fee they need, they are also difficult to fix especially if they become frozen. Hence, take time to provide your exterior lights and provide them sufficient protection from the dangerous fall elements.  

Fix your outdoor landscape lights 

Your landscape lights served their purpose well in terms of enhancing the outdoor appearance of your house last summer. The fall season is the time to give back to them by giving them the maintenance that they deserve.  

Some of your landscape fixtures and lamps might’ve been unnoticeably harmed. On top of that, buried wings can be difficult to service once the ground gets frozen and you may need to wait for spring to have them repaired. Hence, taking the initiative to have them serviced this autumn is a great idea.  

Book for an exterior electrical system service 

Before the wintertime approaches, it is always a wise idea to book for a checkup and repair off your exterior electrical components and connections. Make sure that your beaker terminals, electrical panel board, and meter box are serviced by certified electricians at least once per year. To have all of these parts inspected and repaired during the fall is imperative to avoid expensive issues during the winter. Book for an electrical system inspection in your home with the expert electricians today. 

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